Run your Restaurant professionally with our Restaurant Billing Software

The TopWebs Restaurant Billing Software is an advanced automated point of sales software for restaurants and other Hotel outlets. Easy to use, pictorial user-interface for quick billing with or without a touchscreen.


fast and convenient way

Fast and Convenient way for order management

To take the fast order of items order which is very suitable for a restaurant where need not struggle when taking a bulk of order together.


Fast GST Billing

Since the application is GST enabled when the order gets completes this application generates quick GST bill where need not wait.


Provision for update KOT

In every order, it generates KOT bill which is useful for the kitchen to prepare the food which is ordered, every time it gets updated automatically.


Shortcut Keys for Fast Billing

You can use shortcut keys for the purpose of fast billing, which avoids mouse handling


Employee Tagging Option for Tables

Employee tagging which is used to identify which employee handles which table customers. The system shows running tables which allows to close the bill or to update KOT much faster.


Provision for tracking daily transaction

This feature allows the user to track the daily transaction and produces its reports

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