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Adopt TopWeb Gifts and Stationery shop POS Billing software. You must be thinking that even if this sounds simple, technology can never be that simple. But, it is true. Using Just Billing is actually easy and it is definitely going to make your life or rather business even simpler.



GST billing

Shoppers today look forward to a greater exit experience as much as the in-store experience. Unmatched billing speed aided with integration to all POS accessories


Smart Billing

As the central point of control, billing manages the core business information such as product catalog management, customer management, rate management, customer taxation and customer financial accounting etc


Purchase Import

You can account for the import of goods using a purchase invoice, record tax payment, and then raise liability on the tax payable


Taxation Report

Some businesses and government entities need to report each year the total payments they make for services on the Taxable payments annual report. In addition, some government entities also need to report grants paid.


Inventory Management

As an element of supply chain management, inventory management includes aspects such as controlling and overseeing ordering inventory, storage of inventory, and controlling the amount of product for sale.


Discount Schemes

Discount schemes help create urgency, increase awareness and drive purchases. Things such as quantity discounts, specialty item discount, buy one get on free, etc. are considered discount schemes and they can be offered to consumers.

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