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Save customer information seamlessly during checkout and rapidly build your customer database.


Customer Management

There are several expenses in any store or any business thus it must be under constant watch so that you don’t miss the track. With Reach you can track all your expenses and you will never go overboard with your expenditure.


Instant production of Cash Sale/Credit Invoices from a simplified screen environment requiring minimal user input thus reducing potential operator error and increasing check-out speeds.


Accounting is the most important part of this software’s features. Billsoft keeps in an account of everything in your store and therefore that’s how you get everything updated in your software.


TopWeb Billsoft keeps tracks all of your leads or orders related to your shop, it will make sure that you will get updated & accurate information for every order.


With useful filters, Billsoft  allows you to see reports like stock in hand and sales by product/service. Let Billsoft help you get control of your business.


TopWeb Bill soft converts your bills directly into invoices so that you can hand it out your customers after the bill is paid.

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