Access, Share and Edit Documents With Ease

Document Control Software basically designed for the organization who handles heavy document storage work related to their customers. This is a cloud-based solution, all uploaded documents in the software are stored at the central server in an encrypted manner, which can be easily accessed anywhere and anytime. Each user should have the permission to access others files.



Automated Document Management

Automate the entire life cycle of your documents, from creation to approval, distribution, retrieval, and obsolescence. By automating tasks such as routing, follow-up, escalation, and approval, you will reduce your document cycle time.


Bulk Upload

Bulk upload presents a great advantage to consolidate large amounts of files in different locations from remote sites. You can import multiple files per session from user computer to server.

Folder Management

Folder Management allows the user or administrator to manage the files effectively. The folder management used to structure the documents in a sensible manner. You can create, copy, move, upload, download, rename and delete folders.

File Security

Establishes role-based security for every user, Allows customizable roles and privileges at the folder and document levels, Limits access to sensitive information as required by compliance policies or regulation. The files stored are in encrypted manner.


Centralize Documents

Store all of your organization’s documents in one secure, centralized system and implement consistent, companywide document workflow processes.


Document Classes / Tag Management

The Document can be stored and tagged in with different Document classes include for example Invoice, PO, and Shipment. It’s helpful for a company to store its document in the different category.

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