Do u know a hospital without website is like a sea without water 

A hospital web resource is currently  most important channels of sales of

Medical services and related  products.

Website design and development is extremely crucial for any industry

It is no longer  a luxury but a necessity for healthcare industry

The hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres are building website to increase visibility

For the services they offer and drive growth

Hospital website is a great source of information for people who need medical help,so its important that hospital website provides information about services,practice and so on, in a way that is easily understandable

It’s very important to have a very responsive website that loads quickly, and most importantly your website should be mobile optimised.

The elements of a  hospital website design are:

mobile responsive: These days,more business is done on cell phones and tablets than on traditional desktop computers that means your website needs to work on cell phones and tablets as well. Having a responsive website ensures your site looks great across all devices and screen sizes, In short you simply must have a mobile-optimized website to make it user friendly 

Simple and clear navigation: navigation is an often-overlooked aspect of web design but it is an element that can make or break your need to ensure that visitors can find the information they need without getting lost, and without getting frustrated.

Easy-to-use-forms: A beautiful,well-written,and easily navigable website is great but if you’re not capturing any leads,then it is worthless from a marketing and business perspective.That’s where forms come in.Forms are the primary lead capture tool on your hospital website.The layout ,length and structure of your forms can play a big role in the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts ,also you can add links to these forms from the pages where they are the most relevant —for example, new patient forms could be linked from a “making an appointment” page.

Showcase your brand: your website is the digital reflection of your industrial brand,and it should accurately  represent your services and facilities ,utilizing a crisp and high resolution logo,

Contact us page: You want prospects to get in touch with you,right? Then make it easy by having a comprehensive contact us page that provides every possible way to reach you- like form,phone number ,email, and address .Make sure to include a link to the page in your navigation menu so that visitors can access it quickly

Accurate, welcoming photography and videos: A hospital websites should certainly have some photos on it. However, it’s best to skip the inexpensive stock photos of smiling doctors and nurses wearing untouched scrubs: these don’t give an accurate impression of your hospital, and may inadvertently “cheapen” your website.

Highlight your staff and treatment plans: Update your doctor profile pages with new content and fresh design.With photos, you can include brief descriptions that include information about education, areas of practice, and even personal tidbits, such as hobbies.  In addition , you can spruce up your treatment pages with informative content. These descriptions can feature the awards, patient testimonials, and research advancements. You   can even include video clips that demonstrate how a particular procedure and treatment work. Never forget to highlight what makes your facility unique, as well as innovative  treatments you provide.